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Posted by [email protected] on July 15, 2016 at 6:15 AM

I'm pretty new at this blog thing, so here goes my second blog.  I found this handy tool on a web site one day while I was just surfing around.  It's for an Evacuation Tool.  You know those things they show on TV?  Yeah, that's it.  You can find  it here:  It is a very handy tool to have on a key ring.

Then they showed this other thing.  Ever Stryke.  It's a permanent match.  It doesn't go out.  You can look at it here:

Computer Stress Who Needs It?

Posted by [email protected] on June 25, 2015 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I want to be able to get across to people in the computer industry that computer stress is REAL. I’m talking about the frustrations and anger some of us get when we are on the computer and all of the sudden it crashes and we didn’t save our work. Or when after writing the perfect program it bombs out for the fifth or sixth time. That stress just doesn’t go away. That Bleep-ity, Bleep computer just does not want to cooperate with me today. Some people I know, have actually put their fist through the monitor screens. One guy ruined 3 monitors until I gave him a computer shaped squeezy. People have actually picked up the computer and threw it. And some unfortunately go home and let their own family or pet have it, by cursing at them or God forbid, actually harming them or themselves.


I found the Words mostly used or associated with the phrases “using a computer,” “work/working with computers,” or “have to sit at a computer all day,” as well as many others, are:


  • anger
  • computer frustrations
  • computer stress
  • relief from computer stress
  • stress
  • and others


To ease up this type of stress, I have created two special dolls. I would like to see people put humor in their life where computer stress stands. By seeing humor in such situations people can relax more and get done what needs to be done, their work. They would also not have to take that stress home with them. For myself, I used Chocolates or other sweets. Yes, that’s right, but all that did was make me FAT and FATTER! I opened a small internet business and sold chocolate computers, discs, and boards. Also in my line I sold squeezies, you know those things you hold in your hand and try to squeeze out your frustrations? Well, I sold them and they were in the shape of computers. My motto was Have Fun, Not Stress. Relaxing in stressful computer situations can bring about the outcome you were looking for at the beginning. Instead of ranting and raving that the computer is at fault, (or worse, putting a fist through your computer,) just smack around the dolls I have created and you can get on with your work much faster. These dolls are also much, much better to use than taking frustrations out on family, friends or pets.


So, on with my two dolls, one I have crocheted and called it Pamz Bleep-It Doll. You can see the doll above. The head is the shape of a monitor, the body is the shape of a keyboard. And the arms and legs? Well they are just something to hold onto as you Whack it a Good one! But where someone or something can not get hurt. Preferably, on your desk or the side of your cube. Another great thing is that you can fold this doll up, and now it resemble a tablet or laptop. So you see, anyone that uses any type of computer can relate to this doll. I’ve written a poem that comes along with the Bleep-It Doll. I love using mine. The small poem ends with something like:


“take this doll where you can slam it, and as you Yell, scream, Dang-It, Dang-It, Dang-It!”


The other is called Suzi Softwear and is sitting at a research and development team ready to be put together and on the shelves of the store where they want to sell it. The more Bleep-It Dolls I sell, the quicker Suzi Softwear gets put on the store shelves and ultimately into your hands.