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Which would be easier?

  Hammering out your computer



slapping around a

 soft doll? Hmmmm?  Let me think......

Hello Everyone, my name is Pamela and I am a recovering computer geek and Crochet-oholic!  If you are looking for some comic relief to computer stress and frustrations, You may have just entered the right door.  I have been researching computer stress since the mid 1980’s.  This was the time when I, myself, was working as a computer operator.  

I have been in the Computer Industry, well, I think since the beginning of its time.  In 1965 I started working for the telephone company.  Which I found out later is nothing but one Great Big Computer.  Then in the late 1960’s, my interest sparked into learning about computers.  First with an Introduction to Computers and then onto COBOL Programming.  Unfortunately, a marriage short termed that learning.  I found myself wanting to learn more.  But that didn't happen until 1980.  A lot can happen in 10 or so years.  Especially with computers and marriages. During my divorce, I decided to go back to school and this time get a degree.  Well, I didn’t get a degree, but I did receive two certificates.  One in 1985 for Computer Operations and the other in 1987 for Computer Programming , when I achieved being on the Dean’s List.  And I did this all while working at a 40 hour work week.

My purpose is to get my doll out of my mind and into the stores and into your hands.  So you can put your frustrations into a piece of cloth.  I have been dreaming of that day since the late 1980’s. I remember it well.  I was working in a computer room and lightening struck our Mini Frame Computer.  YIKES!  I saw first hand what computer people go through.  From the computer operators to the management team.  If they would only have had one of these dolls in that room, we would not have gotten on each other’s nerves and argued so much during those computer down times.  So I know for a fact, whether Computer Operators, Programmers, or Data Entry people, WE ALL need some kind of relief from the stress and frustrations of using computers during the day or night.  And  Yes even management would benefit from one of these dolls.  

My story goes on that I am also, an avid crocheter.    My Mother taught me to crochet over 40 years ago and I still find it entertaining when things get boring.  If you would like to see my crochet handiwork, just click on Photos tab. Mostly everything I have accomplished is there.  If you would like to order something, just send me a note on my contact form.  If you want to see my store you can go to  Pamz Kro Shay I am now creating my own patterns.  Just guess where I find most of the patterns I make and sell or give away as gifts?  On the internet, of course.  That’s right I am still using the computer.  I guess the computer still entertains me as well as crocheting does.  My newest creation is a second type of doll to humorize your computer stress and frustrations.  I call it, Pamz Bleep-It Doll.  It is my very first crochet pattern creation that I, myself have written. to be published and sold  I put a poem with it to make things a little more humorous.  They say Laughter is the Best Medicine.  I think using this doll and saying the poem helps you start laughing.  It ends something like this:  "take this doll where you can slam-it, and loudly scream, dang-it, dang-it, dang-it!   You can find other poems on the internet.

At this very moment, my first creation, Suzi Softwear Doll is finally at a research and development team, waiting to be put on the store shelves.  I decided to earn money with a crocheted version first.  All the monies I make from Pamz Bleep-It Doll and/or crochet pattern will go towards getting Suzi out of Research and Development and onto the store shelves  and into your hands.

In the mean time, if you don't want to order a Pamz Bleep-It Doll and can't wait for the Suzi Softwear Doll, then you can make your own, Please check out Make-a-Stress-Doll.  They show how to create a doll to help relieve Stress, Anger, Tension.     Good Luck.  It sounds very easy.  

Thank you for stopping by my site.  If you have any feedback or comments for me, you can do so by adding a comment below or on the Privacy Policy page..  

Check back often to see how far I have yet to go to get Suzi on the store shelves.

Anyway, Have Fun, Not Stress,


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